5 Pests to Watch Out For At Your Company

Modern tech is helping us overcome lots of challenges in life and businesses.  But technology can only get you that far.  Eventually, we all need to look up from those screens to see what is going on around the company and to find out what reality is like by stepping out the door.  Despite all modern tech innovations, there are still some pests around that could affect our companies and the only way to identify these threats or to get rid of them is by stepping outside and by physically examining our environment.

5 Pests to Watch Out For At Your Company
5 Pests to Watch Out For At Your Company

Here are a few pests to keep a look out for whenever you are taking a break from tech for a walk in some fresh air;

1.Emerald Ash Borer

This little beetle is quite appealing on the eye due to its shiny metallic green wings with purple undertones but don’t be fooled by this tiny insect.  It is labelled as the #1 worst pet in the Lyons. The beetle is costing the US more than $120 billion every year because it affects Ash trees in over 20 states.  If you note the Emerald Ash Borer in your region then it is time to reach out for some help or to get your local bug exterminator to come and help get these pests under control.


Termites can be quite devastating to timber buildings and even to your landscaping.  These insects will attack any type of green waste or wood and can easily claw their way through entire buildings without you noticing their presence.  They also love to attack lawns during winter and can leave your property looking dull and neglected.  This is one pest you just don’t want on your pretty and one that should never be allowed to get out of hand.


Bedbugs are some of the most annoying creatures. These tiny bugs can easily hide away in your mattresses and will wait for you to fall asleep before they attack.  They chew on dead skin and can cause terrible skin rashes and bite marks, especially if you are sensitive or allergic to their bite.  The best way to clear your bed of this pest is by getting the entire room treated by pest control.


Raccoons look all cute and sweet but they are quite dangerous.  It is important to never confront a wild racoon because they can cause terrible bite marks.  These creatures are not the best to have around your business because they love to dig around in trashcans and can make your property look a mess.

5.Rats and Mice

Rat and mice infestations are common problems in all buildings in all cities.  These creatures love to nest in all of those hard to reach areas in buildings as they seek food or sheltering from the cold.  Rats and mice will chew up anything they can find in your company.  They use these materials to build nests and aren’t picky about the type of building materials they source at all.  Rats and mice love to chew on electrical wiring which can cause fires inside your building. They also carry numerous pests and diseases that can be harmful to humans.