Clever Modern Tech Products That Can Make Your Life Easier

What is modern tech for if we cannot use it to make life easier?  There are so many new findings and inventions launched on a daily basis and we don’t leverage these products because we just don’t know they exist.  If you have been looking for ways to enjoy an easy breezy life then you can certainly have a look at the following clever and sneaky modern products that can transform many things in your life.

Clever Modern Tech Products That Can Make Your Life Easier
Clever Modern Tech Products That Can Make Your Life Easier

Get a Fake ID

Fake ID’s have been used since the oldest of times, so why is this on our list?  Well because there are now websites that can provide you with a california id that doesn’t just look real but also scans at bars and retail shops as well.  These ID’s are created to look exactly like the real thing complete with hologram and scannable barcode.  One of these ID’s in your purse can make lots of things such as buying alcohol a lot easier if you are still underage or if you don’t want people to know who you really are.

Home Docking Station

Are you constantly misplacing your phone?  Then invest in a home docking station.  These stations are designed to keep all of your travel accessories such as a phone, sunglasses, specs, watch and more.  They are extremely handy because they are also fitted with a charger.  A docking station will have you placing your phone and other necessities in a dedicated are from now on.

Toothpaste Dispenser and Holder

Keeping your toothbrush germ free in the bathroom will never be a problem again if you have a toothpaste dispenser and holder. These wall mounted units has a dedicated area where you can store your toothbrush and allows you to apply toothpaste automatically.

Portable Mini Iron

We all have those annoying occasions where you travel long distances to an event only to arrive all creased.  A mini portable electric iron is a handy must have to keep in your car.  You can quickly iron any clothes at any given location.

Hair Dryer Stand

It is quite annoying to hold that heavy hair dryer up while you are trying to comb and fix your hair.  A hair dryer stand will do the holding for you and you will have two hands-free for hair styling.

Phone Power Bank

This is a handy must-have for any entrepreneur or for anyone that loves to spend a lot of time on their phones.  A portable power bank allows you to charge your phone even if there is no power supply available. They fit into your bag and can be charged as well.

Grow Lights

Always wanted an indoor herb garden? Well, now you can have one even if there is no sunshine inside your kitchen at all.  Grow lights simulate UV lights and enable you to grow herbs and other plants indoors.

Smart TV

Everyone should have a smart TV.  There is just so much you can do with it.  The most used function is probably streaming directly from your phone or displaying content from your phone.  This certainly is a handy tech product to have in any home.