7 Ways to Modernise Container Offices

It is very trendy to use shipping containers as building solutions at this moment.  Reviving old containers into buildings is excellent for the environment because it is a way of recycling these containers so they don’t end up in landfills. The container trend is also highly popular because containers enable businesses to create beautiful office spaces and even homes at a fraction of the cost of building constructions. These containers are very handy for storing all sorts of belongings such as stock, products, furniture, and equipment.

7 Ways to Modernise Container Offices

The best part about container offices is the fact that they don’t have to look dull at all.  In fact, there are lots of ways for you to create modern and very stylish container offices at remarkably affordable rates.  Here are a few great ways for you to modernize your container offices;

1. Get New Door Parts

Old containers are often hard to open and close due to rust and wear and tear.  One of the first steps to modernizing your container offices is by purchase shipping container door hardware.  New door hardware will make it easier to open and close your container doors, will eliminate that screeching noise of rusted hinges and will enhance your office security since modern locks are harder to pick.

2. A Fresh Coat of Paint

A fresh coat of paint is one of the basics of modernizing your shipping container.  This is a must step even if you simply bought the container to store office equipment.

3. A Wooden Deck

Shipping container offices just look better when they are constructed on a wooden deck.  The deck offers a more established feel and with a nice and big wooden deck around your container office, you have ample place for an outdoor lounge.

4. Shading

Shading in front of your container office will cool down the container a lot during hot summers and can give your container office a more aesthetically pleasing look.

5. Roof Lounge Area

Containers are designed to be stacked and as such have a pretty tough construction.  If you want to make the most out of every square inch of space then you can always utilize the roof area as a lounge space.  Install a railing around your roof; add a staircase and you will have lots of space to add potted plants, a mini bar, and even comfy outdoor seating.

6. Large Windows and Sliding Doors

This is one of the basics of creating a modern looking container office.  Shipping containers on their own do look pretty dull and boxed in but when you install big glass windows and glass sliding doors in these containers you get an instant modern look.  These sliding glass doors are also very functional for bringing natural light into your office and for creating a professional look.

7. An Interesting Design

If you want to design a very modern looking container office then it might be best to call in the help of a professional construction company.  By stacking containers and adding constructions such as roofs, decks and more you can create a very large and very modern looking office space with just the use of a few old containers.